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We Are The Soap

We are The Soap and we are here to bring you the very best in natural soapy produce! There is a long, varied and interesting history of soap and even in this modern age of technology and worldwide knowledge people still don’t know much about how and where their soap comes from. Commercially manufactured soap tend to use the have the same ingredients and rely more on image, packaging and marketing rather than quality of the end product to sell. We distinguish ourselves by being different; on the outside soap can easily be made to look and smell different. On the inside The Soap is made from a unique blend of vegetable oils that makes a natural bar of soap that is cleansing, nourishing and most importantly more bubbly than any other soap. The Soap makes and sells soaps of every description, colour and scent because everyone’s skin, favourite smell and colour is different and for every occasion because who doesn’t like getting nice personalised gifts.